FTS Horses

Big Breeze 

"Percy" is a 2004, 17.3 hand Thoroughbred gelding. Bred by Hillbrook Farm in Hamilton, Virginia, Katie backed Percy as 3-year old and fox hunted him as a 4-year old. After Percy enjoyed a successful timber career, Katie was given an opportunity to purchase him. Katie always had an instant connection with Percy. She attributes the success she has had, very much to the trust they have always had in each other. Together, they have enjoyed much success through the Intermediate level. In an interest in keeping Percy feeling his best, Katie made the decision for Percy to step down to the lower levels and help other people make their eventing debuts. 

Chico Gris

"Patrick" is a  2013, 17 hand Thoroughbred gelding. Purchased from Kerry Shanahan as a sales project, Katie has slowly brought along this talented young horse. Katie decided to develop Patrick further and keep him as a competition partner. He has competed through Training level. Patrick is a star, and the future looks bright! 


"Mako" is a 2009, 16 hand Hanoverian gelding. Katie was graciously offered the ownership and ride of this talented athlete this year. A phenomenal jumper and spectacular mover, who loves his people and his fair share of attention. Katie has taken Mako out training level to get to know him a little better. She looks forward to having him out at Preliminary soon.    


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