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Katie's primary focus at Forward Thinking Stables is selecting, training, and competing quality sport horses in the disciplines of Eventing, Foxhunting, Show jumpers. Katie has a strong foundation in Eventing, as well as experience in Steeplechase, Foxhunting, and Show Hunters. Incorporating her knowledge and experience in a variety of disciplines has allowed Katie to create successful, well rounded quality horses. 

Coaching & Lessons

Katie is available for lessons on or off site as well as coaching at competitions. Her teaching style exudes positivity, confidence building, and attention to growing the partnership between each combination. Katie puts an emphasis on great horsemanship as well as strong fundamentals. Katie is ready to help you with your goals!

Full Care Training Board

Katie will train and help produce your event horse. This package includes training 5-6 days a week, grooming, full care stall board, cross country schooling, and once a week lessons.  


Full Care Hunter Board

FTS at Wayward Springs Farm is in prime hunt country. Katie will train and prepare your horse for the hunt season. This package includes grooming, full care stall board, prepping for hunt days and daily rides.


Full Care Board

This package includes full care stall board and the option of one weekly training ride, or one weekly lesson (if requested). Having trouble getting out to the barn on a particular day?Sometimes all you need is someone to hop on your horse for a conditioning ride once a week...that is what we are here for!


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