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Ride The Horse In the Direction That It's Going

-Werner Erhard-

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Katie is an upper level eventer with experience producing young sport horse prospects for various disciplines. Over the past decade Katie has worked tirelessly to refine her training and horse management skills, in order to develop a system that repeatedly sets up young horses for success. With her background as a world ranked athlete in the sport of kickboxing, Katie was able to apply a methodical and well rounded approach to her equine training.


Katie is fueled by her passion for the Thoroughbred breed. She has spent much of her career breaking and galloping racehorses, as well as transitioning them to new careers after racing. Constantly impressed by the versatility and athleticism of the breed, Katie is determined to not only source talented prospects, but also create a demand for quality Thoroughbreds at the elite levels of eventing. She is constantly intrigued by what makes top rider/horse combinations tick, and can often be found taking notes while watching such athletes tackle championship competitions. 


Katie spends much of her time connecting with trainers at various racetracks, as well as amateur and professional show riders alike. She enjoys the matchmaking sales experience, as well as offering training services to continue to assist in the development of these talented equine athletes. Her thoughtful approach has led to many successful partnerships, not only in the sport of eventing, but also foxhunting, show hunters, dressage, and show jumping. Katie is constantly overjoyed by how many clients continue to update her of their progress with their horses.

In a fast paced industry where long hours and hard work are typical, they can also take their toll. Katie prioritizes achieving some sort of balance to keep her work rewarding. In order to keep her quality of work high, she enjoys connecting with honest, positive people who share her enthusiasm for horses. Katie loves helping partnerships grow, especially when witnessing those "ah ha" moments in training. In the rare occasion where she isn't riding, Katie can be found gardening, running, or enjoying other athletic accomplishments.

Katie is currently the owner and head trainer of her business

Forward Thinking Stables.

The stables is named after one of her own eventing partners that was a successful racehorse in his earlier years. A special talent, Forward Thinking "Godfrey" puts all his heart into everything he does. Katie knows that this is one of the most endearing qualities of Thoroughbreds, and felt that it was important to represent the breed as well as a positive way of thinking. Katie is always happy to help new students, training clients, or represent a new prospect. Reach out to to connect!

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